Saturday, 13 March 2010

Police, Camera, Action!

In Australia when you've passed your driving test you need to have P-plates on display for the first couple of years. These are badges of honour for crazy young drivers who act like lunatics.

This morning I popped down to Pyrmont Park for the official opening (although it has in fact be finished for months). Having snaffled the free smoothie and cup cake I decide to take a wander towards the Harbour Bridge.

A red car came flying round the corner, tyres squealing. The car lost control, spun and ended up wrapped round a tree. The situation got more bizarre when a group of youths nearby raced over, not to help, but to start throwing punches at one of the people who clambered out of the car!

Within ten minutes there were six police cars on the scene in a slightly over the top response. I gave my details to one of the police offers, who seemed to rapidly lose interest when I said I couldn't identify the driver, and then retreated to a safe distance to take the above photo.

I wasn't sure what the etiquette was about taking a picture of a crime scene, but a TV crew arrived as I was leaving so I don't think I should have been too concerned!

The three passengers all walked away from the car and I think will all be ok.


  1. sounds like they might have been trying to get away from somewhere quickly?

  2. I assume you would have been ready to leap to the aid of any injured parties!

    If a crime scene is in a public place then why should you not take photos? Only if the photos might prejudice a fair trial or somehow disrupt the evidence gathering should you restrain yourself! I think that's how it works anyway...

  3. Richie, you're wasted in finance. Call Reuters now!