Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sydney Boat Show

A couple of Saturday's ago I went to the Sydney Boat Show. The boat show took up most of Darling Harbour with multi million pound yachts filling the water. The Exhibition Centre was also packed with boating paraphernalia and smaller boats.

Kerensa, Dave and I got bargain $5 after 5pm tickets. This "only" gave us a couple hours to look around the luxury gin palaces and a bit longer for the exhibition halls. But how long do you really need?

We were a bit nervous about getting onto our first boat. The ropes, $2.7m price tags and smattering of by invitation only signs were a bit intimidating. We found a friendly looking boat owner, jumped on board and then there was no stopping us.

The level of luxury was unbelievable. Wood panelling, en-suite bathrooms, dishwashers, fridge & BBQs. You name it and we probably saw it on board. The only purchase we made was for a sailing lesson that we have booked for the start of November.


  1. You are looking very healthy there Ricardo! And very at ease at the helm of a gin palace. Will you have one moored in Sydney Harbour by the time I save up to visit?