Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The sound of Australia

To me Australia has always had a familiar feel to it. Like England with permanently good weather. The multicultural mix of people doesn't look that different to London. Everyone speaks English. The cars are mainly a mix of Japanese and European models we see back home. They even have fish and chips. It is a beer culture, although admittedly warm beer is missing.

However, one thing has always stood out to me since my first visit 4yrs ago, and that is the Australian pedestrian crossing. First you get a pulsating beep, then Phow! a sound I can't adequately describe, before returning to that soothing beep. Unique in the world of pedestrian crossing.

Yes, I am a bit odd..........


  1. Ritchie, that is G-O-L-D!!!

  2. Everyone is blind in Australia so any sort of helping hand getting across those roads is needed. Everyone in England can see therefore they don't need them.

    I blame Bundaberg Rum.

  3. Richie- I think you need to pick Brad's brain on this topic.

    As I recall- he had a fetish for the "schtook" sound.