Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ko Samet

Oliver, Paul, John and myself just got back from an idyllic few days on the island of Ko Samet.

Ko Samet is a three hour bus, and a short ferry ride, south of Bangkok. It is a favourite getaway destination for Bangkok residents and tourists alike.

We stayed in the Silver Sands hotel, which is where John, Matt and I stayed back in October 2006 on my only other visit to Ko Samet. I would have to dig out my old travel journals to find my thoughts on the place back then, as the blog didn't exist at that time!

It is the perfect place to relax, and we spent our days swimming, lounging around in the shade and eating the fantastic food. Going for a swim in the sea feels more like getting in a bath the water is so warm. You can see your feet and the sea bed most of the time the water is so clear. The clean sandy white beaches and BBQ'd freshly caught sea food isn't bad either...

The island gets a bit more lively in the evening with beach bars opening up late into the night. Last night was a full moon, although the party wasn't as hedonistic as the stories you hear from the full moon parties on Phuket. There are a few stories to tell, but what happens on tour stays on tour....

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  1. Does Samet beat Chang then?

    You wouldn't have caught me at the Silver Sands - I am a 60 baht a night boy.