Sunday, 29 April 2007

Thank you to my Sydney friends

Back in the UK. 24 hours in a plane is never fun, but the flight was surprisingly ok. I managed to sleep for a good chunk of it. The only down side was that our stop over in Bangkok was only 45mins so I didn't have time to get one final massage!!

A massive thank you to Brad, Cheline, Ali and Dave for all of their hospitality while I was in Sydney. They really looked after me, made me welcome and made my holiday fun!!! I'll buy you all dinner at Meze Managal the next time you are in London. You need to set a date Dave otherwise you will be left out. :)

Hoping to get some photos up during the next couple of the days. I'll post a quick blog to let everyone know when they are up.


  1. You managed to sleep through a good what of it? Sorry, couldn't resist. Hope you had a jolly jet setting birthday.

  2. Richie, you are too kind. Why didn't you make mention of your Chatswood shopping experience in the blog!!

  3. Richie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It was your Birthday!!! You sneaked away without telling us ....

  4. Birthday?!? ... I seemed to have grown some chopsticks from the nose.