Saturday, 28 April 2007

Restaurant Review: Bills

I'm managing to get one last blog in from the airport. Boy am I not looking forward to the long flight home. Ho hum, it is part of the price that you pay for having fantastic holidays in exotic locations........

My final day in Sydney was a slow, drifting and relaxing day. I spent the morning taking apart Brad's BBQ in the garage in the hope that we would then be able to lift it up the stairs to his balcony in order to have a BBQ that night.

About lunchtime I caught a ferry into Circular Quay and then another ferry to the rather pleasant Watsons Bay. It has to be said that unless you want to give money to the Doyles empire (they have three restuarants and a hotel in the bay) there is little else to do, but it is very pleasant to drift around, take in the views back across to the city and have a gentle stroll to the lighthouse at the entrance to Sydney harbour. On my walk I came across a nudist beach which was quite a fright as it only had one rather over wieght gentleman standing there in all his glory doing stretches. Not what you want to see at all................

In the evening Brad and I managed to carry the BBQ up onto his balcony and successfully reassemble it. We spent the evening having a very pleasant BBQ with Chel, Dave and Ali while sipping a few Coopers. It was my first BBQ on Oz (on this trip or last). The cultural experiences just keep on coming.........

This morning we went for breakfast at Bills. Bills is a bit of a Sydney institution and is owned by Bill Granger. Possible Oz's best known chef, in the UK at least. It is a very relaxed cafe/restaurant with a laid back style focusing on unfussy food and high quality ingredients.

I have to be honest and say that the food, while still being excellent, wasn't as good as I remember from the last time. But everyone else was fulsome in their praise so I think it was just me. I'll certainly be going back next time I am in Oz, so it was really very good and I am just being too critical!

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  1. The Bircher was great - can't comment on those corn fritters though.