Friday, 6 April 2007

Come fly with me!

What’s the difference between travelling and simply going on holiday?

Back in 2001 when I left Europe for the first time and spent five weeks visiting New Zealand I decided to keep a diary of my travels. Every time I have been somewhere new and exciting since I have also kept a diary. They’ve been fantastic for remembering where you have been, what you did and giving tips to friends who are going to the same place.

Holidays – shorter, closer to home, experiencing something for the second time or purely just for the purpose of relaxing – have never qualified for the diary treatment.

But where does the boundary lie? I’ve been to both Thailand and Australia before, but they are both far-flung and exciting. So I’ve decided to keep this blog as a half way house.

All tips of things to do, places to go, where to shop and eat welcome! I’ll be in Bangkok, Adelaide and Sydney at various times over the next fortnight.

What do you post when a diverse group of friends and you mum are all reading? I’m sure I’ll figure it out……..

Check back regularly for updates, you might even find yourselves mentioned as I’ll be seeing a few of you along the way.

Right, I'm off to get my flight.................


  1. Just leave out the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll and your mum will enjoy the blog!

  2. The general rule of thumb for any blog, I think, is would you like your Mum to read it? Seems like that rule is applied literally here!